Sunset Pilates offers both Classical and Contemporary approaches to Pilates Training.  We are the oldest operating and most private boutique studio on Palm Beach Island. Our instructors are certified and highly skilled.  We are educated in the human body and teaching The Art of Pilates.

Classical Pilates sticks as closely as possible to Joseph Pilate’s original work. This means his original exercises and the order in which they were performed.

Contemporary Pilates is based on the work of Mr. Pilates but has been modernized by adjusting the exercises to fit with modern research and has a heavy influence from physical therapy, exercise science and bio-mechanics. Many exercises remain the same, but a whole new slew of exercises have been added, or variations have been added allowing for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the instructor to help give our clients optimal results. We like to use a contemporary approach when working with elite athletes to senior citizens just looking to maintain body mobility and agility as they age gracefully.

Pilates Apparatus Lessons at Sunset Pilates include the Reformer, Cadillac , Chair, Ladder Barrel & Jumpboard. Each lesson will also incorporate an element of mat work. With more than 500 exercises in the Pilates system from which to choose, each lesson provides variety guaranteeing that you will never get bored. Staying true to the Pilates system, you will practice a series of precise, controlled exercises designed to strengthen & lengthen your muscles.

Private Sessions are one-on-one sessions with you and one instructor. Private Sessions are highly recommended for beginners, clients suffering or recovering from injuries, pregnant clients, and people who like to have 100% of an instructor’s attention. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the movement and language of Pilates.

Duet Sessions are sessions with you and a partner. Duet Sessions are an excellent way to experience the personalization of a Private Session while training with a friend or spouse.


All pricing options are individually tailored to meet your specific training goals. We offer Packages and Drop in rates. Call or text the studio today to discuss which option is best for you and to schedule your session! (561) 820-9184. Due to high demand, please allow 24-48 business hours for response. Please be advised that scheduling is very limited at this time.

What are Client’s are Saying!

I have been training with the girls from Sunset Pilates for many years now… The girls are highly skilled and very professional. Always rising to my challenges and exceeding my expectations!!

If you are looking for consistent personalised full body training for strength and flexibility this is the place to go… Long and lean all the way!

Ruth Veil

I had a wonderful Reformer session with Holly while in town! She’s a very knowledgable instructor, who knows how to challenge a client in an encouraging way. Thanks, Holly, for making time to work with me!

Meredith Ferris

I am a big fan of this place. The instructors, cleanliness, ambiance and most importantly the care that goes into each session is what makes it a very special place. I travel a lot for work and have been to many yoga and Pilates studios across the country. I can confidently rate this place amongst the top. Definitely a 5 star experience!!!

Sam Zadeh

All I can say is WOW. This place looks amazing and I am most definitely looking forward to visiting this location on our next trip to South Florida! I post my comment here on behalf of the new ownership of this location as this husband and wife team have been helping my husband and I achieve our fitness goals since 2013.

As a busy practicing primary care physician and mother of two teenage boys, I must use my time wisely. I have trusted Cristian and Holly Andronicescu with my full spectrum training including barbell, pilates, and nutrition guidance for almost ten years. Cristian has seen me through recurrent metastatic cancer helping me build strength and endurance after my surgery. I can confidently say that I am both physically AND mentally stronger now as a result of his coaching/training than I have ever been in my life. The Andronicescu family take fitness and training VERY SERIOUSLY. There is no one I have ever met with the determination, discipline, and just incredible work ethic that these two have. I give them both the highest recommendation without reservation.

Dr. Mena Luangjamekorn-Phruttitum

Calling out to all octogenarians in Palm Beach … If you want to maintain your physical strength well into your 90s, re-discover your flexibility and heighten your sense of balance, I encourage you to meet the wonderful Holly Andronicescu of Sunset Pilates. Not only is she, together with her husband Cristian the new owners of Sunset Pilates, she has been my Pilates coach and instructor for almost 2 years now.

Her knowledge and long experience in practicing Pilates allows her to adapt and design every session that is tailored to my needs at the moment but without losing sight of the long term goal. And working on my goals – whether that is for strength, flexibility or balance does not end during our sessions. She gives me ‘homework’ to do in-between our weekly sessions and sets a challenge for the following week, which always makes me look forward to our next session. She is very friendly, approachable and a keen observer. She has made my favorite move – ‘hanging upside down’ a mainstay of my program.

George Mendoza

The kindest and detail-oriented instructor. I had tons of fun learning and practicing new movements. Left the session feeling energized. Highly recommend.

Savannah Marie



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